An ode to tortillas

One of the first things which people think about when the word “Spain” is mentioned is tapas. And whilst I would like to say that I have sampled a wide variety of exotic tapas, I must admit that every. single. time., I find myself ordering EXACTLY the same thing.

Tortilla Española, or Spanish Omlette, or Tortilla de Patatas.


The weird thing is, I don’t like omlettes as they are typically made in Australia, with loads of eggs and not much else. I find them, well, too eggy, for want of a better word. But Tortilla Española is different. The eggs are mixed in with potatoes (and onions, although if you are a purist, you might argue that these are an unwanted “improvement”), then cooked gently to form an absolutely delicious concoction, which you can eat by itself, or with aioli, if you so desire.

Just writing this is making me hungry!

Tonight, my friend Maria (I’ve mentioned her in the “People I’ve met” post) and I went to  a fantastic bar called Malaspina, and they gave us some free tortilla as a tapas. Let me just say, I never say no to a tortilla, so when this came out, on its mouthwatering little plate, that was the end for me…


The worst part of the tortilla craze is that I have now started buying pre-packed varieties. But what really makes this bad is that I buy them in bulk.

This unhealthy obsession began when I discovered that the 24 hour supermarket near me sells pre-made tortillas in packs. You chuck them in the microwave for 4 mins, and voila, they’re ready. At first, I was dubious about the quality (tortilla aficionado that I am), but it was surprisingly good. And, even better, each pack lasts for two meals!

Consequently, every weekend, I find myself at the supermarket, buying the ready-made tortillas en masse because I’m too lazy to a) go out; or b) learn to cook for myself.

If “we are what we eat”, I will be returning to Sydney in the shape of a potato omelette….

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