Packing is hell

So, for the past two weeks, I have been trying to pack the last seven years of my life into boxes. And let’s just say, it hasn’t been easy, as I have been forced to accept that I am an inveterate hoarder. Some of the more interesting things I’ve found:

  1. A Halloween costume of a headless horseman, unused
  2. Tickets from EVERY movie I’ve attended since 2010
  3. A book called “Public sex”, which I have no memory of acquiring
  4. Twenty cans of tuna
  5. My diaries. I do NOT recommend revisiting such volumes!
  6. Jeans in sizes ranging from 10 to 16. All of which I’ve worn. Hello, varying weight…

I am almost at the end, I hope, as my house looks like a natural disaster area, and even Elvira has abandoned ship.

The lounge room. I hope no one visits!

There’s a few things on the bed…And what’s with the weird yellow glow, I wonder?

One incredibly grumpy cat.

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